“What can I say? Velvet accomplished something I thought was impossible. You got my wife to a place where she was willing to sign a settlement offer. We failed in mediation once before, so I know you were the difference this time around. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for resolving my case.”

“Tamara is one of the top mediators I have had the pleasure of dealing with.  With 23 years of domestic practice, I have see my share.  Tamara tackled a case headed for trial which I felt there was no hope of settling without the bloodletting of a nasty court battle.  Her sweet demeanor and can do attitude coaxed an entrenched party on her fifth attorney to a settlement my client could only dream of before walking into Tamara’s office.  Tamara’s warm and charming personality combined with her 18 years of practice and her PhD, are a winning combination and was key to a successful resolution of a bitter post divorce case that had been dragging on for over 2 years.  Her services were well worth every dime of her fee and then some.”

“Velvet we’ve now been on the new custody schedule for 2 months and the new support schedule for one. Things are so much better. When we had mediation scheduled, I told my spouse that I didn’t think anything would come of it. We had tried several times before and it had always been a waste of time. I even asked him how he felt about cancelling because I didn’t want to waste time money and time on a process that seemed to have a certain conclusion. My spouse convinced me that we should at least try one more time to show good faith. I’m still not sure how you did I, but to my complete surprise we came out of mediation with an agreement that, though is a little crazy on some points, works. In my most optimistic moments, I never thought we would be able to avoid the cost and trauma of trial, which would have occurred this week had we needed to go that far. My spouse and I want to say thank you for being so good at what you do, our family is much better off for it.”

“Tamara mediated for me yesterday. I felt very stressed when I arrived at her office. I had no idea what kind of mediator I would be working with but I only hoped they would be good. In the first 10 seconds after meeting her my anxiety dropped. After an hour I had to interrupt her to say how I was distracted by the high quality of work she was doing. And by the end I made a special point to tell her that I was amazed that I had worked with the best possible mediator I could imagine! She was so well qualified that I had confidence from the start that she would be respected and insightful. She made many suggestions that were so helpful for the negation. What mattered the most in the moment was that her way of communicating put me at ease. I really trusted her and she never gave me a pause. In the end, the work she accomplished was every bit what I had hoped for. In short, she was excellent in every way. In fact, it went so well yesterday it now seems like a dream.”

“I was so relieved to have Meggan give me the details and the best approach for my situation. You were able to get Billy to have control of the issues which helped move it along. I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’m glad this chapter is closing. You did an amazing job! Thanks!”

“Tamara knows her way around resolution, which was huge for me. The timing was impeccable. The end result was more than could be expected. She assisted me in saving time and money in my situation just based on her extensive knowledge. She is genuine and sensitive. I recommend her for men, women, single mothers or single fathers. Tamara assisted me to focus on more important matters while she handled any and everything to do with my divorce. The stress free result is truly impressive. I am able to move on more peacefully solely because of her wise suggestions.”

“I really appreciate Scott and his unstoppable caring to make the mediation work for everyone involved. I felt he truly cared and wanted a positive outcome. He worked very hard and the day was long for him and I still felt at the end of the day he was still all about the right thing. Thank you Scott, I really feel you helped my kids and me reestablish a flourishing future.”

“Tamara Last Friday, I didn’t really realize how great you did until the next day. I was in a fog and in a cloud and in shock. I just want to say to you again THANK YOU😇 You are an angel😇”

“I wanted to take the time to thank you Velvet for your time and kindhearted spirit. For a very uncomfortable situation, I felt relaxed and safe. I truly appreciate you both. Thank you again, P.S. Love the coffee and candy.”

“Divorce is devastating for almost everyone. Tamara was exceptional in guiding us through to the other side with closure and new beginnings.”

“Velvet, Thank you for your help last Wednesday. I was really exhausted at the end of the day and had a plane to catch so I don’t feel that I adequately expressed my appreciation for what you were able to accomplish. I realize that you really went the extra mile to help us reach a viable agreement and that you did so with my boys’ best interest at heart. You are great at what you do.”

“Miesha was fantastic to work with and very understanding of the delicate situation we had to work with. I hope I never need mediation again, but if I do, I definitely want Miesha to be my mediator!”

“Judge Lee Dever is truly a credit to his profession. He advanced the resolution of my divorce in the day we spent with him more than anyone else in the last year. I am so grateful to him for his dedicated expertise.”

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