Rodriguez-Poston & Fackrell Mediation is the largest Mediation Firm in Utah. Our firm has eight attorneys, with a wide variety of experience, who exclusively specialize in mediation. We promote cutting edge negotiations, strategic peace building, and resolutions to challenging problems.

While courtroom battles are sometimes inevitable, mediation can be an effective alternative to costly and often divisive court proceedings. Whether a legal issue is business or family related, mediation can be the means of maintaining and protecting relationships when the pending situation is settled. In today’s ever-changing business environment, the difference between success and failure often rides on the nature of relationships – past as well as present or future relationships.

At Rodriguez-Poston & Fackrell we do everything we can to make sure the mediation process is as comfortable as possible. Our Modern décor is stylish yet inviting. We have every modern convenience from phone chargers to iPads. We have a relaxation lounge with a massage chair for our clients. Our kitchen is fully stocked with refreshments. Our staff is always smiling and ready to help in any way they can. We are right across the street from City Creek, within walking distance of all of their restaurants and shops.

Core Values:

  • We give extraordinary and individualized service
  • We are artistic and optimistic in our approach to mediation
  • We are innovative in our industry
  • We encourage harmony in the world
  Why Choose Us  

We have been in the business of helping parties resolve their disputes in a less adversarial manner for a long time. Our mediators are professional, friendly and will work to maximize the goals of all parties involved.

Utah Rule 4-510 Qualifications for Mediators in Utah

Utah Mandatory Domestic Mediation and Mediator Qualification The Situation. Sandy and Luke are litigating a pain-staking divorce. After the answer is filed, temporary orders are needed. Divorce mediation is required in Utah before the case may proceed through the court process. Can temporary orders be filed before mediation? Does it matter who is used as…

Confidentiality and Agreements in Mediation According to the Utah Uniform Mediation Act

Confidentiality and Agreements in Mediation According to the Utah Uniform Mediation Act Setting the Scene. Bob and Cindy have engaged in a frenzied court battle for four years.  The parties were headed to litigation which would cost them their children’s tuition for four years of college.  The parties were not hopeful that there would be…

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